Trainees Testimonials

We work hard to serve our trainees. Here is some feedback.

Simply put, TTC Mobile made me employable. TTC Mobile is indeed a great training institute. In terms of their packages (lectures, practical and internship), they are great. I make bold to say I am guru now in Transmission. I recommend TTC Mobile to prospective applicants who seek to occupy technical positions with telecom companies. Aside helping you pass interviews, you will also find the acquired skills handy in the execution of your duties when employed.

- 2011-07-29 13

TTC Mobile is fantastic; training with them added dignity to my identity. I now work with Huawei, managing Airtel sites. Trainers gave their best, and staff treated me with respect. I am proud to be a TTC Mobile ambassador.After my six months training TTC Mobile, I was posted as Intern to NGCOM as a Field Operations Engineer; afterwards got a place with FACCASS as a Network Engineer. TTC Mobile is indeed a world of endless possibilitiesThank you TTC Mobile for making the difference.

- 2017-08-12 13

Quality of training at TTC Mobile is great. Trainers are experienced and make training interesting. My training with TTC Mobile has made such a difference and I have climbed my career ladder confidently and steadily thereafter.As far as telecom skills acquisition is concerned, TTC Mobile is the place to be. My career path has been quite interesting but not without the foundation I built at TTC Mobile. From the basics to advance in IT and telecom training, I recommend TTC Mobile to anyone who genuinely desires to learn and develop a career in telecom.

- 2018-07-21 1