Fundamentals of Telecommuniations

This introductory course is delivered remotely from our USA and by our CEO. The course is delivered Free of Charge as part of the African Youths Mentorship Initiative of TTC Mobile World USA. Althought the training delivery is only 4 days long, it serves a very important role to lay a solid foundation for the more advanced practical courses. Our CEO reckons that getting this foundation right is key to a successful career development in telecoms, hence he volunteered to deliver the course.

4-day long Fundamental of Telecoms training delivered on Telecom Camp+ by our CEO for the African Youth Mentorship Initiative

This training is crucial for delegates who are completely new to Telecom, or have limited experience. First, it breaks the entire concept of telecommunication into tiny bits that trainees can easiy relate with, then it starts to help you build your telecom volcabulary from scratch. By the end of this session, you would have reached a clear understanding of the following terms and be comfortable using them in conversations, that is speaking telecom language.

    Day 1

  • Networking: LAN, MAN, WAN
  • Connection Media: Cable & Wireless
  • Servers, Hosts and Clients
  • Day 2

  • Signal, Amplification and Attentuation
  • Network Speed/Bandwidth
  • Baseband/Broadband, Convergence
  • Day 3

  • Overview of Telcommunications Layers: Core, Distribution, Access
  • Overview of Core Layer: Fiber Transmission and STMs
  • Overview of Distribution Layer: Microwave Transmission and equipment
  • Overview of Access Layer: RF and Wired
  • Day 4

  • Areas of Specialization in Telecom
  • Requisite to chosing your specialty in telecom
  • Relationships between specialties in Telecom
  • Current and Future Employment Opportities in Telecom
  • "Rubbing Minds" on telecom matters
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