PDH and SDH Microwave Transmission

As Engineers or Contractors in the ever expanding world of data and convergence currently at the 5G level, it is important to understand the fundamentals and operations of PDH and SDH Microwave Transmission, from the practical perspective. This one month training on PDH and SDH will take you through the processes that occur on operators’ network, from the minute a phone is switched on by the caller, to the time the called answers a call, with particular attention to how equipments are installed or configured to achieve desired objectives. This course does not stop at looking into equipment in details; it also considers important issues such as frequencies, transmission power, LOS, capacity, coverage, etc.

Microwave Transmission, in the form of Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy (PDH) and Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) are dealt with in details. The Antenna types, and coverage areas for each of them is fully discussed. This course is a must for fresh graduates seeking employment as Telecom Engineers, Field Support Engineers, RF Engineers, etc. However, in order to maximize the benefits of this training, it is highly recommended that participants in this PDH ad SDH training first go through our LAN & CCNA training. Hundreds of young people are now employed not just in the telecom and IT industries, but also in the banking, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing sectors, courtesy of their understanding of this course, which of course was build on a very good understanding of the pre-requisite courses.

Target Audience

  • Telecommunications managers and personnel responsible for the planning, design, implementation, management and maintenance of digital transmission systems
  • Managers looking to complement their skill-set by gaining a good understanding of PDH and SDH transmission as well as SONET
  • This course is a must for fresh graduates seeking employment as BTS Engineers, Field Support Engineers, RF Engineers, etc.


  • Provide an overview of the evolution of telecommunications as well as a review of its basic principles
  • Describe the structure of PDH, SDH and SONET as well as their network architecture including customer, loop and office equipment
  • Microwave Link Planning
  • Microwave Propagation
  • Link Budget Calculation
  • Field Survey
  • Present the limitations of PDH
  • Provide an overview of different facilities of SDH
  • Give a description of SONET
  • BTS/Node-B/eNode-B (2G, 3G &4G)


  • Configuration of radio links
  • E1 mapping and Cross-connection
  • Ethernet over PDH Traffic routing
  • 1+1 HSB Implementation
  • 1+1 SD,FD and Media Diversity
  • DCN over E1 or SDH
  • 4+0 config
  • 1+0 non protected MW link
  • Qos
  • MW radio Performance Monitoring
  • E1, STM1 and RF loopback test
  • E1/Optical BER test

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