How to become a Telecom Engineer

To take up a career in Telecom Engineering, you must have a degree in Electrical Engineering, Computers Science, Physics Electronics, Computer Engineering, and any of the many related courses. Without this degree pre-requisite, the most you might be able to achieve in the field would be a Telecom Technician, which is not exactly on the same level as a Telecom Engineer.

Now armed with a degree, go for some practical training first in general telecom so as to understand how the bits and principles you learned in your academics fit together. It is advisable not to try to specialise at this level until you truely have a good understanding of the entire telecom network, the differents units and how they all work together.

Now, it's time to go get some practical experience whether through volunteering (Internship) or paid job. 1-2 years down the line, your industry experience built on your degree and formal training would be sufficient to make you a qualified Telecom Engineer. At this stage, depending on what opportunities come to you, you may want to specialise in some areas of telecom and ultimately bear a title like Transmission Engineer, RF Engineer, etc.