How to Convert your Gifting to Business

Converting your Gifting | My personal Experience

I had struggled so hard almost my entire life prior to 2002 when I finally found out what my gifting was.  A few years earlier, I had struggled through university on my own to study Electrical Engineering; I struggled through the job market where I only managed to get by with very low income whereas my colleagues were getting jobs that paid 5-10 time my income.  Then all of a sudden, I became tired of the frequent disappointments and I literally stopped living (for a few days) to examine my life.

Having tried so many third-person intervention options and not making headway, I went into what I reckon now to be deep-thought with myself.  Seated soberly at a table late in the evening in one of those days, I asked myself if God really existed and, if He did, why He was being so mean to me.  Why was good time eluding me despite all my struggles and hard work?  Why was I always the unfortunate one?  Why did everyone else, but me, have some kind of talent or skill that brought them into ‘luck’ and fame?

In my sober monologue, I gave instances of people I know that were succeeding in their endeavors and counted my own endeavors where I had tried but failed woefully.   Then I asked why God was so wicked to me even from my birth.  I thought if He did not have anything good for me, then why am I here; He could as well simply let me return me ‘home’.

Then in the midst of all of these questioning, I felt like “but you also have something” – that could give you a comfortable life like the examples you gave.  I halted for a minute, not sure where that came from but went ahead to answer “no, I do not have anything: no talent, no skill, no gift”.

“So are you saying that no one has ever complimented you ever on being good at anything, anything at all? Think.”

“The only thing that would appear somebody ever appreciated about me would be my teaching. A couple of persons have said they liked my delivery of computer training”

“Good! That is it”

I found myself saying “That is what…?  Is it computer teaching that would give me the money I need to live the kind of life my mates live? I need money in 4-figures, not the kind of money that teaching computer brings”

“That’s it” was all I heard again and it appeared like the conversation ended on that note.  I tried to ask more questions but I did not get any more replies.

This took place sometime in October/November 2002.  I spent till December planning a business around my computer teaching skill.  I finally came up with something.  By early January 2003, I had started a computer training business.

Almost as soon I started the business, I made enough money to rent and furnish my own apartment, rent and fully equip a training center, and bought a car.  By the end of 2006, the business had expanded to 3 more locations; I has started travelling abroad like the colleagues that I envied earlier, and had over 10 full time staff on my payroll.

I tell this story in the hope that you would have something to learn from it.  Hopefully, this method works for you as you seek to discover you own gifting to propel you to the next level.  Perhaps I can share more details on the kind of preparation I went through prior to the experience, if you let me know.

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