Requirement Engineer to Digitize Your Idea

DIGITIZE your idea: the Place of Requirement Engineering.

The business world is a competitive one. Unlike it was 20 years ago, there are no longer guarantees that you would make sales from a business that is sitting in a corner of the street, in the same market where your competitors are exploring all forms of technologies around the Internet and Apps, as well as various aspects of collaborations and partnerships  to penetrate the market at a global level.  Businesses are going digital so fast that it’s not worth even starting a business that cannot be done online – that’s where the buyers are.  Recently, I visited a shopping complex in the UK that used to be very busy when we shopped there about 8 years ago.  Now however, it has gone quiet like a graveyard as a result of migration from real-estates to digital-estates.

As important as digitization is, not every prospective business owner is aware of that businesses is now online thing.  Even some who are aware may not necessarily know if it is possible for their businesses to join the online bandwagon, and if so how to achieve it. This is where Requirement Engineering comes in.

The Requirement Engineering (RE) is the most important phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). This phase is used to translate the imprecise, incomplete needs and wishes of the potential users of software into complete, precise and formal specifications. The specifications act as the contract between the software users and the developers. Therefore the importance of Requirement Engineering is enormous to develop effective software and in reducing software errors at the early stage of the development of software. Since Requirement Engineering (RE) has great role in different stages of the SDLC, its consideration in software development is crucial. There exist a number of approaches for requirement engineering –

For over 15 years, I have managed IT professionals at various levels of IT projects development, creating content, designing, developing,, and testing websites.  I am certified Requirement Engineer by the British Computer Society and Fellow of the Chartered Institute for IT England.

I will listen attentively to understand what you business does, I will then break down your business goal high-level requirement into low-level requirements.  I will go ahead to hire experienced but moderately priced technical experts to work with me to convert the requirements into functional software you’re your customers and stakeholders will interface with and see as your business online.

Technically speaking, I am the middle man to who understands the business language being an Entrepreneur myself, and who is able translate that business language to some pseudo-technical language that the Software guys understand. I stand between the businesss owner and the software developers, supervising developers and ensuring all their outputs meet the business specifications.  Business wise, I more like a contractor.  I take the job and worries off the business owner and return to him with finished product of his business online.



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