CCNA Certification Training

Training qualifiies you to pass the CCNA exam and, more importantly, to configure Cisco Routers and Switches

This one month training will take you through the theory and practical of building Wired Local Area Networks (WLAN) from scratch. You will learn to terminate UTP cables, create Straight-Through, Crossover and Rollover cables, connect terminated cables to Switch and Face Plate, etc. .

Beyond the hardware, this course will also teach you to configure Server Operating Systems with ADS, DNS and DHCP. You will learn to create Domains/Workgroup and to join computers to Domain/Workgroup. The Basics of Network Administration is also covered in this training. You will learn to create User Accounts for intended users of a corporate LAN, manage them, recover passwords for them, share and access resources on a Local Area Network., and do lots more

The CCNA part of this training will give you detailed overview of the roll Cisco routers play in connecting several LANs together to form an internetwork. The various commands you must enter in the Cisco Router to make this possible will not only be discussed, you will also have the rare privilege of configuring and seeing them work, by yourself, in our Cisco lab of several Routers and Switches

  • LAN Setup & Configuration leading to N+, Server+, MCP. Structured Cabling, Setting up a LAN, TCP/IP Configuration, Domain & Workgroup Configuration, Creating & Managing User Accounts, Sharing Internet and other Resources. Internetworking & Router Configuration leading to CCNA.
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