Cable Tech Outsourcing

Our Cable Tech training is designed for those wishing to demonstrate the highest levels of knowledge, skills and expertise in network cabling infrastructures. With a team of experienced Field Engineers and practicing Cable Techs, the risks are significantly reduced so cable companies can feel confident that that we are our Cable Techs have been trained to Industry standard.

After we have selected and trained sets of young men to competency level in Cabling, we would usually retain the ones with best work attitude to work for us.

The training is comprehensive and blends a perfect mix of theoretical study and practical installation, testing and survey exercises providing the right level of knowledge and skills for copper cable installation practices. Our Cable Techs qualify to undertake cable installation projects to the highest possible caliber.

Cost of Cable Tech Training

Our Cable Tech training is not only delivered free of charge, but trainees are also paid minimum hourly rates during training. First one week of training is classroom based while the subsequent three weeks is field-based. Trainees will be seconded to experienced Cable Tech to execute real jobs on a daily basis until they qualify to begin to go to field on their own.