The African Youths Mentorship Initiative

The African Youths Mentoring Program is an initiative of TTC Mobile World, a USA based telecom training company. Having been in the business of telecom training and recruitment since 2003, TTC Mobile seeks to converge the knowledge and experience gained over the years to helping young people of African origin grow in their pursuit of a career in telecom.

TTC Mobile was founded in 2003 in Victoria Island Lagos; by 2009, the company had grown to emerge as a leading telecom training provider in Nigeria. In 2010, the head office moved to Birmingham UK to explore new markets until 2014 when the Nigeria head office in Ikeja GRA Lagos was gutted by fire. In 2017, TTC Mobile moved to Texas USA where it has gained substantial experience in new markets, on top of the Nigerian and UK experiences.

Our CEO Akin Aregbesola and his team of practicing telecom Engineers drawn from majorly the USA, and also the UK, Canada and Nigeria seek to share their experiences with young people of African origin, particularly students of Electrical, Computer Engineering and related fields who desire to go in the path of Telecom. They have therefore created the African Youths Mentorship Initiative as a platform to facilitate this technology transfer between the experienced and upcoming telecom engineers, in line with the corporate goal of TTC Mobile..

Objective/Benefits of the African Youths Mentoriship Initiative

  • To train group members on use and configuration of varyig telecom equipment to achieve set personal as well as commercial objectives
  • To train, advise, counsel and educate African youths on the use of telecommunications as a tool for social development
  • As a forum to export/transfer technology to Africa for employment creation and betterment of life
  • To be a catalyst in the reaching of members' individual career goals
  • To share industry best practices in a way that will position members for local as well as international telecom opportunities
  • Right atmosphere to help members "rub minds", share ideas and thus open up new possibilities
  • To act as proxy for members with relevant and oppropriate authorities in so far as the pursuit of career goals are concerned
  • To render technical support to students of tertiary institutions and groom them to become next generation telecom experts
  • To create availability of mentees to government and employers for opportunities that will benefit members
  • To make contribution to the success of individual members, and by extension the development of telecommunications in Africa
  • To use the forum as umbrella of telecom experts across that are in synchronity with the objective herein for the benefit of mentees
  • To engage initiative as our contribution to the upgrade the falling standards in Africa academic institutions

To subscribe to the African Youths Mentorship Initiative...

  • Click the PayPal "Buy Now" button below to make a Registration payment of $20+(TAX and Commission)
  • Next, click the Book A Place button below to complete the Registration Form
  • WhatsApp your payment details to us to add your phone number to the "Telecom Camp+" WhatsApp group
  • Your mentor will contact you as soon as possible after your registration has been validated
  • Your mentor will be available 4 hours daily via WhatsApp to initiate and facilitate discussions and telecom trends with the group
  • Once every week for 4 consecutive weeks and on particular days to be agreed with mentees, your mentor will hold life lecture on Facebook to teach the course "Fundamentals of Telecom"
  • The course "Fundmentals of Telecom" is broken into 4 parts; each part will be delivered each week.
  • The training will position mentees to speak the language of Telecom and to appreciate the knowledge and expertise being passed on to them during the Mentorship
  • At the end of your one month subscription, your group will be disbanded and a fresh group of new mentees will be formed
  • You can either opt out of the group at that point, having covered the basics of telecommunication, or continue as a mentee to the advance level
  • To continue as mentee after the expiration of initial 4 weeks, you will need to make another payment of $20+(TAX and Commission)
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