6-month Diploma in Telecom

This training guarantees that you are further trainable to take any Technical position in Telecom

This is the most comprehensive of all our training programs. It is loaded and specially packaged, ith inputs from key players in the telecom industry as well as prospective employers of skilled labor, for persons who genuinely desire to be the best in the field of telecom engineering. This training is highly recommended for students and graduates of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Physics Electronics, and science and engineering courses in general

Other professionals who intend to use the knowledge gained and skills acquired in the areas of marketing, Human Resource Development, etc for the telecom industry are also welcome to register for this training.

Our six months Diploma in telecom and your degree certificate is a killer combination that turns the table around in your favor at job interviews. So dear to our heart is this training that, as much as possible, we do not let graduands of this 6-month training go home empty handed. We attempt to seek internship for them with telecom companies. Sometimes, we even succeed in getting jobs for them out rightly. However, we must reiterate that the emphasis here is not on stipends paid during the internship. Rather, the emphasis is on the opportunity to practice what trainees have learnt and build their experiences in the process. We believe that, with time, these experiences will ultimately converge into good remuneration for the trainee.

  • Network Management leading to N+, Server+, MCP
  • Structured Cabling, Setting up a LAN, TCP/IP Configuration, Domain & Workgroup
  • Configuring, Creating & Managing User Accounts, Sharing Internet and other Resources
  • Security Solutions & Application leading to Security+
  • Security Policies. Account Policies. Auditing. Firewalls Implementation.
  • Internetworking & Router Configuration leading to CCNA.
  • Linux: Installation & Administration leading to Linux+
  • Transmission Engineering.
  • Theory of Satellite Communication, Assemblying of VSAT Hardware from LNA, Feedhorn,BUC, etc. Installing VSAT: Setting Azimuth, Elevation Using Compass & Inclinometer.Terminating & Connecting the Feeder Cables.Entering & Configuring the Modem, Tracking the Satellite. Commissioning the VSAT..
  • Couplers, Connectors. Multi-mode, single-mode, Pigtails, Patch Cords, etc. Demonstration of Use of Fibre Toolkit, Media Converter, etc., Implementation of Fibre Optics for LANs.
  • VoIP & VPN Design and Configuration.
  • Installation & Configuration of VoIP Gateways. Assigning Telephone Nos to Phones. Demonstration of Calls on Wired Network. Concepts, Protocols & Implementation of VPNs..
  • RF Engineering
  • RF Planning & Implementation leading to CWNA
  • Introduction to GSM Engineering
  • GSM Radio & Switches. GSM Fundamentals. Introduction to GPRS, UMTS, etc. Upgrade of 2G to 2.5G to 3G Networks.
  • RF Planning using EDX Software, RF Site Survery. Installing & Connecting Antennas for 2.4GHz RF. Entering & Navigating Radios. Basic Radio Configuration.
  • ISP Base Station Configuration
  • Base Station Hardware Installation. Installing Network Software. Configuring IP Settings
  • Configuring VLANs. Configuring Base Station as Access Point, Wireless Bridge, Repeater, WDS. Configuring Security. Configuring Firewall & NAT. Configuring WAN Parameters.
  • BTS Installation, RF Verification and RBS Integration
  • Acceptance Testing of 2G and 3G Network Entities
  • BTS: Software Commissioning & Operation.
  • PDH: Installation Commissioning & Operation.
  • SDH: Installation Commissioning & Operation.
  • BTS/PDH/SDH Network Integration
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