3-month Certificate in Telecom

This training qualifiies you to work at Entry Level Technical position in Telecom

Next to our 6 months training which leads to Diploma in telecom is our 3-month training. This training fully equips individuals to pursue their dreams and aspirations to develop a career in telecom. It is a combination of our one month and two months programs.

At the end of this practical session, you would be able to setup small networks using UTP cables, you would be able to setup internetworks using Cisco Routers and Switches, you would be able to setup Wide Area Networks using VSAT, you would be able to deploy VPN and VoIP on LANs, Internetworks and WANs that you create, you would be able to setup Wireless Networks, Install RF Antennas for 2.4GHz and configure Radios to carry voice and data.

The basics of Fiber Optics and GSM Technologies are also covered. We cannot imagine therefore that after gaining all of these skills, you would remain unemployed for long!

  • LAN Setup & Configuration leading to N+, Server+, MCP.
  • Structured Cabling, Setting up a LAN, TCP/IP Configuration, Domain & Workgroup.
  • Configuring, Creating & Managing User Accounts, Sharing Internet and other Resources.
  • Internetworking & Router Configuration leading to CCNA.
  • Full Cisco Academy curriculum.
  • VSAT: Installation & Configuration leading to CSI.
  • Theory of Satellite Communication, Assemblying of VSAT Hardware from LNA, Feedhorn,BUC, etc.
  • Installing. VSAT: Setting Azimuth, Elevation Using Compass & Inclinometer.
  • Terminating & Connecting the Feeder Cables.Entering & Configuring the Modem, Trackingthe Satellite. Commissioning the VSAT
  • Introduction for Optical Fiber.
  • Couplers, Connectors. Multi-mode, singlemode, Pigtails, Patch Cords, etc. Demonstration of Use of Fiber Toolkit, Media Converter, etc.
  • Implementation of Fiber Optics for LANs.
  • VoIP & VPN Design and Configuration
  • Installation & Configuration of VoIP Gateways.
  • Assigning Telephone Nos to Phones..
  • Demonstration of Calls on Wired Network.
  • Concepts, Protocols & Implementation of VPNs..
  • Introduction to 4G Engineering.
  • GSM Radio & Switches. GSM Fundamentals.
  • Introduction to GPRS, UMTS, etc. Upgrade of 2G to 2.5G to 3G Networks.
  • RF Planning & Implementation leading to CWNA.
  • RF Planning using EDX Software, RF Site Survey.
  • Installing & Connecting Antennas for 2.4GHz RF.
  • Entering & Navigating Radios. Basic Radio Configuration
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