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TTC Mobile World has been providing quality telecom training solution for the telecom industry since 2003. Our spciality is guiding, mentoring, training and ultimately converting fresh graduates to Telecom Engineers. Our practical training approach provides the missing link between academic theories and industry hands-on, with 100s of trainees com telecom engineers to show for our deligence

Telecom Practice LAB

TTC Mobile World collaborates and partners with telecos, telecom vendors and OEMs, and other training providers to reduce the cost of quality training delivery for both our corporate clients and individual customers. To this end, we embrace and prefer the cloud alternative (eLearning) to traditional classroom learning model. Our Virtual LABs are hardware machines hosted in cloud for the access and comfort of our trainees. From wherever and whenever, trainees can connect to and configure live telecom equipment.

Short Courses delivered Remotely

Our most comprehensive telecom training courses are the 3-month Certificate in Telecom and the 6-month Diploma in telecom. However, not everyone who genuinely desires to become a Telecom Engineer has this much time at a stretch to put on training. So, we dissected these training programs into small course modules that can be completed in few days. More interestingly these short courses can be delivered remotely from our USA head office, helping us to reach our goal of technology transfer from America to Africa.


We are almost always on the look out for the right skill set to take up telecom related position with our corporate clients, especially in Nigeria. If you are looking for new opportunities in the Nigeria labor market, you might just be in the right place.

The African Youths Mentorship Initiative

Our CEO runs a Mentoring group on WhatsApp to guide fresh graduates of Africa in career paths to becoming Telecom Engineers, via 2-hour daily group discussions, question and answer, ideas and experience sharing on WhatsApp. Call today to learn you can join this group.

Our Remote Training Courses

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6 Months Diploma in Telecom Training

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The African Youths Mentorship Initiative - Telecom Apprenticeship

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